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About Us

Our Expertise

KGreen & Co. has a unique skill and aptitude to:

  • execute a proprietary Organizational Transition framework to effectively facilitate strategic visioning, planning, development, execution, assessment, measurement, continuous improvement and optimization

  • execute a proprietary Success Management framework to build individual and organizational capacity to plan, execute, manage and evaluate change as well as develop skills to ensure capability post KGreen & Co. engagement

  • execute project and change management practices within an organization’s political and cultural context for the purposes of immediate and continuous improvement resulting in effective movement from current state to future state

  • create efficient, productive engagements with hundreds of stakeholders,

  • turn organizational and project data into actionable intelligence and create insight into the health of any change initiative,

  • assess areas of strength, weakness and opportunity among resources, processes and the management/mismanagement of various organizational initiatives,  

  • prepare executives and project/change sponsors for effective leadership and management of change initiatives,

  • coach professionals and leaders at all levels of an organization to yield optimal organizational performance,

  • convey an assertive yet kind and compassionate message about the gap between the current and desired state of a change initiative and;

  • create high performing teams (a rare yet highly sought after ability)

  • customize solutions based on the needs of individuals, teams and organizations to yeild their desired outcomes



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Kassidy Green

Founder & Coach

Your Opportunity

Our professional, leadership and organizational development services can help you:

  • hone skills that lead to individual and organizational capacity to effectively lead and manage change,

  • learn how to apply culturally and organizationally appropriate project and change, management practices,

  • develop a balanced narrative of proper perspective for the happenings in a project or change with the needs of stakeholders, teams and the organization, 

  • determine when and how  to deploy corrective action, manage vs. resolve conflict, meet the needs of all stakeholders, executives and change teams,

  • negotiate with sponsors, team members and stakeholders to yield outcomes that are in the best interest of the organization,

  • manage your emotions in the midst of high visibility, high risk/high reward, complex project and change efforts and;

  • implement scalable and repeatable project, portfolio, program and change practices

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