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Our Services

"Empowering individuals and organizations to build and optimize

their capacity to lead and manage change."

Professional & Leadership Development

Upgrade your skills by participating in KGreen & Co. webinars, workshops, seminars and conference calls. Take advantage of weekly development opportunities via The Transformation Podcast

Tools & Templates

Access easy-to-use custom templates to help you plan and execute your next project or change initiative. 

Coaching & Training

Participate in hands-on, custom designed sessions focused on real-world business cases and apply your learning in one-on-one and group sessions. 

Koffee with Kassidy

Connect with Kassidy for one-on-one or group sessions to receive on-demand coaching and advice for any aspect of your project or change opportunity.

Planning & Organization

Define, document and reconcile your project, change or organizational data and turn it into actionable intelligence to accomplish your goals. 

Custom Solutions

Collaborate on a custom solution for an individual, team or organization to meet and exceed your project and change management goals.

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