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No Ordinary "Thank You" for Presenting at This Conference

I originally met Mrs. Kassidy when I attended a conference. I looked at the titles of several of the presentations and decided on attending them and didn’t realize that she was presenting both. The way she delivered her message and her enthusiasm while doing so intrigued me so much that I decided to reach out to her to just let her know how much she motivated me.

As a young black professional in the IT world and a new Project Manager I was struggling to find my way in my organization. The information and how she presented it during that conference gave me the burst of energy and the clear mind I needed. I left there thinking “I want to be like her. I want to be that!” When I reached out to her the following day, I am not sure what I was expecting but she EXCEEDED my expectations!

She didn't just say thank you and go on her way, she invited me to lunch that same week and offered to coach me and teach me “all she knows.” It is not often that you meet someone that is willing to spend time AFTER working 9 or 10 hours a day to teach you and not ask for anything in return but to give it your all.

Mrs. Kassidy coached me on project management and many personal and social skills. Every person that she came in contact with while we were together, she introduced me like she had known me all of my life.

She became more than a project management coach in just the short time we had known one another. The amazing thing to me was that she was that same way with every person she encountered. I never thought that a simple email to a presenter after a conference would turn into what I hope is a lifelong mentorship.

Taylar Harrison, Business Analyst

Houston Community College (HCC)

Houston, TX

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