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When Purpose Calls, Have the Courage to Answer with "Yes".

Eleven months ago, KGreen & Co. was placed on my heart during a season when I needed to make decisions about my career. There were several amazing opportunities to choose from; yet at a time when I thought I simply needed to decide which one would yield the most satisfaction, I found myself longing to serve people in ways that traditional positions aren't designed for.

I believe we all have gifts and talents uniquely fitted for us and I further embrace the knowing that we are called to give our gifts and talents away. My professional purpose is to help professionals and organizations build and optimize their capacity to lead and manage change. Over the years, that mostly meant leading hundreds of project and change initiatives while coaching stakeholders, executives and teams to a desired end.

While I will continue the art and science of effective project and change management, this next season of my journey is calling for me to coach, teach, and train colleagues to hone their leadership, project and change management skills. Having provided workshops, trainings and presentations across the country, my colleagues from various industries have validated that we need the ability to have candid conversations about the challenges and opportunities facing our individual and organizational strategic plans.

The recurring theme from these engagements is "we need leaders who can "lead leaders", remain calm and ready to serve, hold people accountable for their role in a project or change and do so with love, kindness, respect and integrity while driving results to move professionals and organizations toward their objectives".

KGreen & Co. while birthed nearly a year ago, launches with a clear path to meet professionals and organizations where they are, provide a unique combination of Professional Development, Coaching & Training, Planning & Organization, Tools & Templates, Custom Solutions and Koffee with Kassidy to work through whatever project or change scenario that might benefit from focused, on-demand dialogue as colleagues navigate their professional and organizational atmosphere.

Saying "Yes" to Purpose takes courage, integrity, honor and a commitment to fulfill the highest calling for our lives. I look forward to sharing the evolution of my "Yes" through KGreen & Co.and hope that you will search your own heart to discern Your Purpose and say "Yes".

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